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Purposes of this agreement. 4

Client basic terms and conditions. 4

Sabre software pricing model 4

One off registration costs. 4

Annual Licensing Costs. 5

Annual Support costs (optional)*. 5

Ad-Hoc Support costs*. 5

Onsite support. 5

Call Out Fees. 6

Sabre Labour rates. 6

Before working on client’s computer. 6

Database corruption. 6

Hardware support costs. 6

On-site Support contract agreement option. 7

*Reseller benefits from support. 7

Sabre Repair Replace policy on biometric hardware. 7

Repair / Replace – Distribution cost on any device. 8

Courier Days. 8

Durban. 8

East London. 8

Hardware warrantee. 9

Software development and enhancements. 9


Sabre software indemnity. 9

Remote desktop off-site support. 9

Remote Access Programmes: 10

Third Party Sites: 10

White Label 10

Sabre licensing agreement. 11

Qualifications as Sabre Clients. 11

Qualification as an end user: 11

Qualification as a reseller: 11

Qualification as a distributor: 11

Protection of Personal Information Act. 11

Purposes of this agreement the Client is either:

  1. An end user of Sabre Products and services
  2. A reseller/installer/distributor of Sabre Products
  3. A government Department or Municipality
  4. A company or person requiring the expertise of Sabre staff

Note: that were this document refers to a reseller this can be a reseller, installer or a distributor.

Client basic terms and conditions

The below extract is signed by the client on completion of an installation or supply of equipment.

I the customer, acknowledge that the goods received are in good order and I am fully satisfied with the manner in which the goods were delivered and installed, the packaging thereof, including the inspection by myself.

Therefore, I fully agree that the goods satisfy the requirements of my order as placed.

I will not claim a refund or remedy and I accept full responsibility should the goods be damaged due to misuse, abuse, or gross negligence on my part. I also accept that these foregoing factors will vitiate my warrantee and/ or guarantee.

I do however accept that should the goods have a defect, failure or hazard, I will immediately inform SABRE PRODUCTS (PTY) LTD and promptly claim my refund/remedy/repairs. Pertaining to the fact that SABRE PRODUCTS (PTY) LTD has provided warnings and safety instructions in advance, I accept that when handling the goods, I must comply with these instructions.

New goods and / or installations are guaranteed according to the Manufacturer’s product specific warranties where applicable, failing which the Warranty Period to repair/replace any defective or damaged goods supplied is 6 Months (in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008). This does not apply to ordinary wear and tear.

Sabre software provided is on an annual license use only, I have the option to take up unlimited remote support on the software, however should I not take up the software assurance cover offered, I will be liable for any remote and/or on-site support required at my own cost on an ad-hoc basis.

Software training is also optional and should support be required due to lack of knowledge of how to use the system, I fully understand that there will be costs for any training supplied, regardless if on-site or remote.

Sabre software pricing model

The software pricing is based on a Distributor / Reseller / Retail model which covers the following:

One off registration costs

  • initial once off registration of each software seat
  • initial once off registration of each device onto the database
  • initial cost for each module required, full time and attendance, payroll, leave management, job costing, BioPC, additional management seats, export to any payroll, loans management, parade module, real-time data collection, License plate integration, RF-ID integration, Cloud integration, remote door opening integration.

Annual Licensing Costs

  • Licencing fees for use of seats (each database), includes all upgrades and updates to the software over this period.
  • Licensing for the FREE2USE version (Basic access and/or time and attendance) is obviously FREE, and the PAY2USE licensing is based on the FULL version and a 50% discount is offered on the FULL access control and lite time and attendance version. This is made clearer in the price list.
    • Resellers can make money off licensing so long as the license is registered in their company name, and they bill their client for this service directly.

Annual Support costs (optional)*

  • Unlimited remote desktop support, were a Sabre expert can take over your screen remotely. (client needs to be online)
  • An option for an on-site support and/or training contract.
  • Should a client request an off-site support contract, this is an annual fee either paid in advance, or can be combined with the annual licensing fee and paid over 12 equal instalments, interest free.

    It is important for clients to understand that should they not take up the unlimited remote desktop support offer for off-site support that should Sabre work on any software related issues, specifically for that client, that this service is billable regardless off bug fixes or database repairs. The only time bug fixes are repaired for free are when our complete client base have a similar issue. Alternatively, the client can wait until the said bug is resolved once it is added to our development queuing system.

Ad-Hoc Support costs*

  • Remote desktop support as required, were a Sabre expert can take over your screen remotely. (client needs to be online) – A cost per support call
  • On-site support and/or training is provided – A call out fee plus Sabre hourly rate fee will be applicable.

Onsite support

Sabre staff members are available to be called to site to:

  1. Carry out installations or repairs which are part of an existing agreement
  2. Carry out installations or repairs which are outside any existing agreement
  3. Offer expertise on Sabre or other hardware or equipment as indicated by the client

An official order number for such visit must be supplied. As well as the responsible person for the client who is allowed to make a request and his/her capacity as must be given.

Call Out Fees

Call out fees are not related to time spent onsite however do cover the following:
See software registration for pricing. Representation in Pinetown (H/O), East London, Benoni, and many other sub-contractors around South Africa, also in Botswana, Malawi and many other countries.

  • 100 KM return trip, meaning client is within a 50KM radius of a Sabre office
  • Travel time to and from the client
  • Toll fees to and from the client
  • Any additional time required due to traffic congestion on the roads, or road works.

Additional distance travelled is bill at an extra rate per KM.

Sabre Labour rates

  • An hourly rate or part thereof applies - see software registration for pricing
  • All prices exclude vat and are payable by the client within 7 days of such call out
  • Sabre reserves the right to disable any services of any client who does not adhere to Sabre’s policies.

Before working on client’s computer

  • It is imperative that before any Sabre technician works on any client’s computer, a full backup of the client’s database is captured and simultaneously uploaded into the Sabre cloud backup services unless any such database be found to be already corrupt or become corrupt during a support session. Repairs to corrupt databases are time consuming and not always possible immediately, especially if there are no backups being executed by the client.  In some cases, it is necessary for the technician to re-build a new database in order to recover what data can be recovered from the original database in order to solve the problem.

Database corruption

  • Standard supports rates will apply for attending to and addressing database corruption, in which case the client must be quoted an approximate figure so as to approve such quote before the repair takes place; the alternative remedy would be for the technician to install a new/fresh database and setup which would again need the client’s approval and therefore accordingly also attract a charge.

Hardware support costs

  • All biometric hardware is supplied with a 12 month carry in factory warrantee with an option to have an extend warrantee to either 24 or a max of 36 months – cost per device, per annum is based on 20% extra in the cost per annum paid in advance. Please contact our sales department if interested.
  • On-site repair / replace insurance is available at an extra cost – look further on in this agreement for costing.

On-site Support contract agreement option

Should a client request an on-site support contract, then Sabre offers a discounted rate for a 12-month minimal period agreement. For each hour of support required on-site Sabre will charge a discounted rate of 50% on the standard rates, this with a min monthly charge of 4 hours support per month, plus a 50% discount on each call out fees.

*Reseller benefits from support

Resellers do not make any money from Sabre labour services and are charged full rates for any time used by Sabre staff.

Resellers are welcome to add on and charge what they wish should they sub-contact Sabre for services.

Should a reseller want to make money for any support and/or training they are welcome to come for free basic support and/or training or can put their name down for the next available training courses available on request.

Sabre also provide free video training material, online and offline.

Sabre Repair Replace policy on biometric hardware

There are two ways / processes to resolve hardware issues.
Only available within 3 months of original purchase.

  1. Call Sabre for on-site support and pay the call out fee plus other costs related to call.
  2. You pay Sabre for time which could be as much as 2 hours due to re-configuration time required.
  3. If your device is not repairable onsite (not a simple software issue) and needs to go into the workshops for repair or needs to be removed and ship to the manufacturer in Johannesburg.
  4. If you want a loan reader the cost would be at a cost per month, if stock is available, or if you cannot work without a reader you will have to purchase a spare.
  5. Once the repair is completed against an accepted quote, cost to you, you pay for the repair and shipping cost to and from Hartebesport Dam (Workshop), average is R 1000+
  6. We then return and replace the loan unit with your original device at an additional call out and hourly rate.
  7. Your total cost will be a minimum of 2 call outs, plus 4 hours, plus rental, plus around R1000+ for the repair.

Total cost around R 4550 plus the inconveniences caused with downtime.

Repair / Replace – Distribution cost on any device.

  1. Call us on-site at R 600
  2. You pay us for our time, normally around 2 hours
  3. If your device is not repairable onsite we replace it there and then with either a previously repaired unit, or a brand-new unit depending on what we have in stock.
  4. We take the risk on the repair costs and the cost of shipping etc.
  5. Your total cost is now a known factor

Total labour cost, could be as little as R 1200 or you can do the swap out yourself. Contact us for hardware repair/replace pricing.

Courier Days


  1. Repairs are sent to ZK from Pinetown once a week on a Wednesday.
    1. To achieve this, repairs must be made ready on a Tuesday.
  2. Repairs are received in Pinetown from ZKTeco once a week on a Wednesday.
    1. To achieve this, repairs must be sent from ZKTeco on a Tuesday and >
    2. > Repairs must be checked with ZKTeco on a Monday.

East London

  1. Repairs are sent to Pinetown from East London once a week on a Monday.
    1. This is so that they will then arrive in Pinetown on a Tuesday to be sent with Pinetown’s Wednesday delivery.
  2. Repairs are received in East London from Pinetown once a week on a Friday.
    1. To achieve this Pinetown must organise a delivery from Pinetown to East London on a Thursday.

contact Sabre for a list of refurbished stock available for sale
@ R1500 each ex VAT (3-Month warrantee)

Hardware warrantee

All equipment sold by Sabre carries a minimum 12-month carry -in factory warrantee. Labour for removal / re-installation is charged separately, or the client can bring to the offices of Sabre or cause to be delivered the hardware device/devices to be repaired by Sabre/the manufacturer free of charge. Should a device/s be outside the warrantee date (from date of Invoice) then Sabre will provide a quote for the client in respect of the repair before work will be carried out on the equipment. Any shipping costs to the manufacturer in this case will also be for the client’s cost. Should a device require repairing within the warrantee period no shipping or any other costs will apply to the client Any equipment damaged by vandalism, power surge, force majeure (acts of God, lightning etc. is not covered by the factory warrantee.)

Software development and enhancements

All repairs required to Sabre’s existing software features are covered by Sabre at no cost to any client. Should a report or enhancement be required not currently existing within Sabre, this addition requested can be documented and added to the Sabre list of enhancements to be developed. These new features may or may not be added for free, dependent on demand from clients, development time available, unforeseen circumstances due to government legislation, or because Sabre will view this development as a benefit to enabling more sales within a specific industry. Should Sabre decide to do this development at its own cost it will be developed in Sabre’s own time-frame? Should the client however want this customised development done due to suit their own specific needs, a quote will be supplied by Sabre to the client free of charge, following the receipt of a comprehensive specification has been supplied by the client to Sabre including an of the final results required. The client will also be given a time frame for such development to be completed; under these circumstances, Sabre retains the exclusive and proprietary rights to these developments or changes to be given to and benefit other Sabre clients when required, with no royalty rights accruing to the client who requested such changes to be done. Development costs are charged out at development rates applicable.


Sabre software indemnity

  1. Sabre will only support the registered license holder of the Sabre software and not necessarily the end user. However, Sabre does not take responsibility when it comes to transparency with whoever we talk to with regards to hours or fees billed. Should you as a reseller which for Sabre to say anonymous with your client please do not ask us to support your clients directly.
  2. Sabre takes no responsibility for any 3rd party suppliers such as internet service providers or suppliers of hardware, should delivery not be possible for services and goods outside our control.

Remote desktop off-site support

This remote/offsite desktop support disclaimer is entered into between Sabre and the client as signed by both parties below. By requesting or accepting a remote session of technical support by Sabre or 247 Technologies’ technicians, the client accepts responsibility for any changes made to the desktop content or the Sabre system setting. Sabre does not assume and is not responsible for the linking and viewing of any client’s laptop or desktop content, the operation of any of the client’s software or for any current or future system non-performance.

For the client’s security and privacy Sabre recommends that the client or staff of the client exit any application that may be open that is displaying content such as personal or confidential information, before initiating a remote support session with a Sabre technician. Sabre further recommends that the client or staff of the client remain seated at their desktop throughout the entire remote session with the Sabre or 247 technicians. All data is of equally great importance to both the client and Sabre. It is the client’s responsibility to back up all data on a regular basis. Sabre cannot be held liable and /or responsible for any data loss that may have occurred during or after a remote session. Should the client or their staff require help in setting up a backup procedure for their data please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Every call received will be logged and recorded on our CRM system for actioning and follow up.

Sabre technicians will always exercise utmost care when logged- in remotely into the desktop or laptop of the client or their staff. Sabre does not guarantee that a remote session will solve the query. Onsite support may be necessary. Charges for onsite support will apply as reflected above.

Consultants may have to download the necessary tools in order to assist with the query. All consultants have signed a security non-disclosure agreement (NDA) thus any information given can be considered secure by the client and their staff.

By agreeing to a remote support session, the client or the staff of the client by default give Sabre permission to access the following sites (if necessary):

Remote Access Programmes:

Third Party Sites:

Files downloaded from the above sites have been verified to be trusted and safe. However, clients must have a valid up-to-date anti-virus programme installed and running at the time of the remote session.

White Label

Sabre offers its reseller a free white label to all software, including login with reseller Logo Image, and Help about, with contact details, email address, and website reference. In this case the client is the reseller and the end user are the resellers client. Sabre will only support the reseller, and only support the end user on the resellers request. Reseller discounts also apply.

Sabre licensing agreement

The Client’s Sabre licensing agreement replaces any previous agreement between the client and Sabre and will be effective for a minimum period of two years from the date of the signing of this form; pricing and terms can change after this period at Sabre management’s discretion. I, as the undersigned client or authorised signatory of the client confirm that I understand all the information above and in the Client Registration Form supplied and warrant that as such I am hereby duly authorized to sign these documents as an authorized Director / Member / Representative / Manager / Employee or Agent, of the Company. I also accept that by signing this form I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree to the contents of the Client Registration Form and SLA and all the terms as well as the terms and conditions posted on the Sabre Biometrics web site www.SabreBiometrics/terms. In so doing I hereby authorize Sabre to debit the bank account reflected below with any amount/s which become due and payable to Sabre. I also accept that penalties will be applicable in the event of any unpaid Debit Order requests. I consent to 247 Technologies performing a credit check on me and/or my company if deemed necessary by Sabre management. I acknowledge Sabre reserves the right to increase monthly fees based on circumstances, requirements and/or annual increases but with a prior 30-day notice period being sent in writing/email to the Client.

Qualifications as Sabre Clients

Qualification as an end user:

Must complete client registration document for licensing

Qualification as a reseller:

Recommended selling price for a reseller is with a 50% mark-up on the Sabre trade pricing
Must also complete all relevant documents required for a credit application form.
To keep your reseller listing status, a reseller must make a purchase at least once every quarter.

Qualification as a distributor:

Recommended selling price for a distributor is with a 20% mark-up to resellers on the Sabre distribution pricing. Must also complete all relevant documents required for a credit application form. To keep your distribution listing and not be downgraded to reseller status, a distributor must do a minimum purchase from Sabre of R 100 000 per month over a 3-month cycle.

Protection of Personal Information Act.

  1. Sabre undertake to take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information and comply with all applicable legislation. In respect of access to your business data and user details:
  2. Your business data entered or imported on instruction remains your property and we will not use nor make available for use any of this information without your permission.
  3. We will not access the details of any business data entered and stored by you. We will not access system usage history for a specific identifiable user, except where granted permission by that person to assist with resolution of a system issue or error.
  4. We will only use your business data stored via our system or website to the extent necessary to provide services in accordance with this agreement and in performing our legal obligations or exercising our legal rights.
  5. We acknowledge that your business data is your proprietary and confidential data and that under no circumstances may we exploit that data for our own purposes not specifically related to providing you with service save where you have consented to the contrary.
  6. The information which you submit and store via our programs may be stored on our server/s which server/s may be controlled, hosted and managed by our affiliates or third party service providers who shall be bound by these confidentiality and privacy provisions.
  7. We may access and use non-identifying and aggregated usage information and transaction volumes in order to better understand how our customers are utilizing our systems and programs so that we can improve our system design.”
  8. “Whilst the necessary diligence and care will be taken in executing customer’s instructions, Sabre Products (Pty) Ltd shall not be held liable for damages arising from the loss of or damage to goods where the cause of such loss or damage is not attributable to any negligence or recklessness of Sabre Products (Pty) Ltd and / or its staff. Sabre Products (Pty) Ltd shall further not accept liability for any damages or loss of profit where there is a delay in delivery and where such delay is due to circumstance beyond the control of Sabre Products (Pty) Ltd.
  9. “It is the responsibility of the customer to give clear and unequivocal instructions Sabre Products (Pty) Ltd shall not accept responsibility for any loss or damage where the customer has failed to make full disclosure.”
  10. Please note that any personal information submitted to Sabre Products (Pty) Ltd will be collected, processed, and stored as is necessary to carry out actions for the conclusion or performance of the agreement entered into between the parties in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act.

I understand the terms and conditions as contained and described in this agreement or the Sabre client registration form that I/my Company has signed with Sabre, whichever is applicable.

Dated this   ___________   day of __________________________ 2017

 Signed for the client:   ___________________   Name:   _________________________

Signed for Sabre:   _______________________   Name:   _________________________

Signed as witness:  ____________________________    Name:   ______________________